DE-Series Boards and Expansion Cards

Sales of the Altera DE-series boards, including the DE5, DE4, DE2-115, DE1 and DE0-Nano are handled by Altera’s design and manufacturing partner, Terasic Technologies. To purchase these boards, please visit the Terasic Technologies website, at, or send an email message to Terasic will verify your university status for academic pricing.

Order pages at Terasic Technologies for specific DE-series boards are linked below:

University Program-related Purchases of non-DE-series Boards and Altera PLDs

To request information regarding the purchase of Altera boards other than the DE-series boards, or for purchase of Altera PLDs (such as FPGAs or CPLDs), please fill out the online request form found here. For all DE-series boards, please follow the above instructions for purchase from Terasic Technologies.