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Aerospace and military designers face a long list of challenges, including the need for high performance, a broad operating envelope, and a long system life, as well as the added constraints of limited system size and power budgets. Intel FPGAs enable designers to meet the requirements of the aerospace and military markets by supplying enhanced off-the-shelf FPGAs.


Enhanced Off-the-Shelf Silicon

Altera FPGAs meet strict size, weight, and power requirements (SWaP) with high tolerance to humidity, shock, and vibration along with lead-solder available on all families.


Military Temperature Support

The Stratix® series of FPGAs is available in extended military temperatures (‑55°C to 125°C). See Military Temperature Range Qualified Devices.


SEU Detection and Mitigation

Altera’s automatic cyclic redundancy check (CRC) compiler for the configuration RAM automatically checks for changes in configuration that might occur from a single-event upset (SEU). See SEU Mitigation.


Altera provides highly integrated solutions that are low in power, consequently their products are key for our portable Soldier’s Network HMS Manpack program with its need for low power, light weight, small size, and low cost.

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